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Things to do: Winter Activities


Winter is a season that is often overlooked because of its frosty temperatures – with many of us opting to stay indoors with a cup of hot cocoa while others brace the cold and head out for a snowy adventure. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite winter activities that are both practical and fun.

1. Stock up on groceries
Regardless of whether you like the cold or not, you still need to eat – and heading out to the store every week for groceries can become a stressful task if the weather is bad. Avoid the stress of driving out into the winter cold by stocking up on groceries once or twice a month instead. Go to your local Costco or Sam’s Club to buy in bulk, and spend an extra hour wandering the aisles and indulging in one or two (or five) free samples.

2. Learn a new hobby
Ever wanted to learn how to knit or how to grow your own herb garden? With the internet we are now more able than ever to learn something new everyday from the comfort of our own homes. A simple Google search can yield thousands of how-to articles, books, and videos on a single hobby alone. All you need to do is set aside the time and discipline to accomplish your new goal.

3. Enjoy the weather
If your New Year’s resolutions included being more present in the moment or letting go of negativity, then start by embracing the winter weather head on. Go outside and build a snowman with your kids, take a family skiing day trip, or simply sit outside for a moment and take in the quiet, peaceful winter scenery.

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