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Kabana and the Bell Tower—How Kabana Got its Name

Kabana's church bell tower

Founded in 1975 by Stavros Eleftheriou, Kabana was born from a profound love of fine jewelry and superb craftsmanship. “The name Kabana is a Greek word that means “bell” and bells throughout history have signified a special moment in your life,” said Nick Eleftheriou, Kabana’s vice president.

For Stavros, that moment was when his business began to outgrow his home garage. Wanting to stay local, he moved his business into an adobe Mission church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, the church’s iconic bell tower inspired the name Kabana.

“I wanted a name that didn’t mean anything, like “Stavros Jewelry” or “Best Jewelry.” Kabana—it’s easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and so it became our name,” said Stavros. “Nineteen seventy-six was the bicentennial of this wonderful country so the name was also romanticized by the Liberty Bell.”

From the historic Liberty Bell to the ringing of church bells on a wedding day, the sound of bells has resonated with countless beautiful memories and identifying moments that have shaped our lives today.

“That’s really what I feel Kabana becomes to the consumers that are buying our jewelry” said Nick. “It creates a special moment in their life, a moment they want to remember.”


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