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From JCK’s JEWELRY TRENDS | Brittany Siminitz | October 19, 2016 | ON YOUR MARKET

Fringe Jewelry and TV’s Effect on Fashion: How HBO’s ‘Westworld’ is contributing to the rise of cowboy style
JCK features Kabana’s earrings in 14k yellow gold with Australian crystal opal and 0.04 ct. t.w. diamonds, seen above.”Are you watching HBO’s Westworld? It’s really an incredible show. As much as I admire Evan Rachel Wood, am fascinated by the complicated (in a good way) plot, and am spellbound by the scenery, what I appreciate most is the fashion. I haven’t yet gotten to the point of running out to purchase embroidered cowboy-style shirts and Little House on the Prairie skirts, but it seems like a lot of people might be doing just that.”
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