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Tips & Tricks: 2017 Kabana Jewelry Gift Guide


You asked and we delivered – Kabana is now selling an exclusive assortment of Kabana jewelry online for the holiday season! Read below to get a more detailed account of every piece we are offering online and see why they make the perfect gift for the holidays.


This pair of 14kt yellow gold earrings is inlaid with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, mined from Arizona. With very little matrix or veining, the pure and vibrant robin’s egg blue of this gem is unmatched by any other, making this pair of earrings a truly unique and special gift.




Diamonds may sparkle, but Kabana glows. This 14kt rose gold pendant is inlaid with Pink Mother of Pearl, exhibiting the same visual characteristics found in pearls. With it’s radiant luster and gold pairing, this piece is sure to add elegance to any outfit.




The best things come in small packages. Part of our Petites Collection, this 14kt yellow gold pendant inlaid with Lapis Lazuli can be worn alone or easily mixed and matched for a layered look. This deep blue gemstone with golden inclusions formed by pyrites is reminiscent of a clear night sky – perfect for the dreamers in your life.




Part of our Blush Collection, this Pink Mother of Peal and 14kt rose gold pendant makes a great gift for fans of Millennial Pink – a soft, rose shade that compliments any skin tone. The luster of Pink Mother of Pearl also reflects rainbow hues, making this pendant a truly multidimensional piece.




Dating back to ancient times, talismans were created to ward off the evil eye. Kabana has transformed this classic folklore to an exquisite wearable work of art, like this 14kt yellow gold Màti pendant with a stunning green iris. Studded with diamonds all around, this pendant is sure to always keep you protected – and stunningly adorned.




Another piece from our Màti collection, this pendant is a more minimalistic depiction of the watchful eye. A glass clear blue iris enclosed in 14kt yellow gold, this pendant is the perfect piece to pair with your everyday outfit.




The bold natural red color of the Spiny Oyster Shell used in this 14kt gold ring can only be found in the Mexican Riviera and Baja California. Its brilliant color is determined by the spiny oyster’s diet, making this gift one-of-a-kind.




The design of this is 14kt yellow gold ring with Lapis Lazuli inlay was inspired by the patterns and rich colors of the Alhambra palace of Spain. Exquisitely crafted inlay channels hearken back to the Alhambra’s iconic arabesques, making this ring the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.


You can purchase any of the pieces mentioned above on our online shop. All online sales end 2/14/2018.

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