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Tips & Tricks: Holiday Decorating Made Easy


It’s finally December and we’re ready to decorate, ladies! From the mantle to the lights outside, you can bet our home will be covered entirely in holiday cheer. However, as fun as it is to go shopping for the perfect holiday wreath, decorating can quickly become a nightmare when we lack any organization. Below you will find our top three tips on how to prevent a decorating fiasco this holiday season.

1. Make a plan
When it comes to the holidays, having a plan is an essential first step in preventing utter chaos. If you’re shopping for new décor, create a list of what you’ll need beforehand to prevent standing in the store for hours feeling completely overwhelmed. You can also create a comprehensive layout of where you want things to go to prevent having to assemble and disassemble your entire Christmas tree because there wasn’t an outlet for the lights nearby.

2. Invest in good storage
I’m sure many of you have opened your holiday storage bins only to find that your favorite set of ornaments from the previous years have shattered, or found yourself digging through boxes and boxes for hours because you forgot to label what’s inside. To prevent these time-consuming mistakes, make sure to invest in proper storage and tools for your holiday decorations. Buy a sturdy ornament storage box with separate compartments, make sure you have plenty of bubble wrap to prevent your treasures from breaking, and invest in a label maker to clearly mark your boxes.

3. Take photos of your home
Taking photos of your home once it’s fully adorned isn’t just a nice way to reminisce on previous years of holiday cheer – it also serves as a guide for next year’s decorating. After everything is set up just the way you want it, take a few minutes to go into each room and snap a quick photo of the arrangements. The photos will serve as a reference point of where everything goes for next year while also serving as a reminder of what you already have when you do your holiday shopping the following year.

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